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Thread: For those who are interested in Photojournalism

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    For those who are interested in Photojournalism

    A friend sent this to me… and it seems like a pretty cool thing for those who are interested in Photojournalism and would like to try and get some of their pictures purchased and published.

    There’s a new company called "SCOOPT" that has created a website where you upload your newsworthy images, and they market them to the press. They have all the connections and reach – and they do all the legwork regarding the marketing and licensing of your pictures… for a split of the money of course. It looks like they give a fair deal though – paying the photographer 40-50% (not pennies on the dollar like some services do).

    Here’s the site for those that want to check it out… you never know when you are in the right place at the right time to get a really newsworthy photo! And if you do – and you don’t know how to market it or have the connections, a place like this might be a good idea.


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    That's an interesting link. They don't say you'll get credit for the picture, but "they will try". They say something like, after all we want credit too. That's the only bad thing I can see. You might be able to sell photos that you wouldn't be able to sell on your own. That would be cool.
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    I've been watching this site for a while now. I was never in a rush because there's almost nothing newsworthy that goes on around the bustling metropolis of Sumter, SC.

    I thought about signing up anyway, just in case but there are 2 things that I don't like

    1)Will I get a credit when my photo is published?

    Please understand that it is impossible for us to guarantee a credit but we will try our hardest (after all, we want a credit too).

    2) How does Scoopt work?

    You submit your photos to Scoopt and we license them on your behalf! When you send Scoopt a photo, you automatically grant us an exclusive worldwide licence to market that photo for a period of twelve (12) months. During this twelve-month period, you agree not to publish the photo anywhere else. When the twelve months are up, the licence becomes non-exclusive. We will still try to sell your photo but now you can also publish it yourself on a photoblog or a picture sharing site -- or anywhere else at all.

    That means that as soon as I send a pic in to them, I can't share it anywhere, including here, for a whole year in case they buy it and I may not even get credit for it if/when they sell it. They also say that if you have multiple pics send them in (up to 5). What if I take a pic of something, step 3 inches to the left and take another. Can I send one to them and share the other? Technically, it's not the same picture but it's the same subject. They clearly state that the picture I send in cannot be used elsewhere. They can't license the subject because then if i took something and a friend takes the same then then they could hold him liable for sharing. So clearly, it's only the particular photo you send and not the subject. I'm just not sure I wanna get involved in loopholes with this place.

    I'll keep watching them before I decide. Thanks for the link anyway Trish. I forget to look back on things like this otherwise.

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  4. I just e-mailed some people at the local newspaper about selling them photos. They were very polite and told me exactly what type of photos they buy and how to submit them. I dont think anyone should go through a service like this. If you have photo's they want, they will buy them.

    Also, it would seem this service would slow down the process with photos that tend to be very time sensitive.

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    Good points, Penfold.
    Photography stuff.

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