Hello, and welcome to the First State’s (Delaware) Photography out and about section

My name is Chris, I am a local photographer here in Bear, Delaware. I typically shoot models (humans) for most of my work, I do this on the side, and for artistic fun. But I really enjoy working with groups of people as well.

As many new people might find this site, as I did. It's nice to find other photographers in the area to pass along tips, or learn new things. As many people are getting into DSLR cameras, as the become cheaper over time.

With all of that said, many new comers are looking to get involved with groups. So if your new to this, you should know about this group.

Delaware has America's OLDEST photography club in the United States. The Delaware Photography Society has been around since 1931! As those DuPont familys wanted to have images (B&W) of their exotic plants!

The Delaware Photography Society does lean to the older crowd, but they offer meetings 3 times per month usually with a meeting that is a lesson about cameras either with film/digital or processing Slides and Prints. They also offer monthly contests with award winning photographers as the Judges. If your looking to get involved one a regular basis, an work in a great collective setting then the Delaware Photography Society is for you.

The Delaware Photography Society is a Dues/Membership club, but offers access to some of the largest colonial private homes, as well as field trips to some of the most wonderful shooting locations in this area.

For more information contact: http://www.delawarephotographicsociety.org

I will post more locations, as well as the hotspots of Delaware!

Thanks for stopping by, and besure to make YOUR suggestions.