For next year how about some of us train photographer make weekend a Pilgrimage
to the Eastern Railfan Holy lands Altoona, Horse Shoe Curve Sand Patch Grade the Western Maryland Scène Railway and the East Broad Top RR.
We would need to be a long weekend. In fact you could spend the whole weekend around Altoona and Horse Curve and the top of the hill a Gallitzin.
But if you want to OD on trains that is the place.
In fact you can make it into two trips or should i say Pilgrimages. One weekend to the Horse Shoe Curve area and another weekend to the Cumberland Md. area .
In Cumberland we could stay at Cumberland Holiday Inn it overlooks B&O mainline. Yes B&O, that area is B&O country CSX may run it but its still B&O country.
How about a trip to gods country for some NS and CSX Trains in the snow. There is the source of the photo for your Holiday cards.

Bob C.