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Thread: Boogie Boarding and Body Surfing

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    Boogie Boarding and Body Surfing

    These are some of my favorite pictures from vaction - my son out there learning to boogie board and body surf ...he was pretty nervous playing in the ocean his first time there, last year, but he was starting to really love it this year

    These first 3 show the story I think LOL

    A few more...

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    awesome Trish.. That takes me back! When We were kids, my dad used to let us rent the rafts on York Beach and we'd stay in that freezing water ALL DAY till we got to hungry to see straight! Riding those waves is one of my fondest memories from Maine! We actually bought two Boogie Boards on our Honeymoon on Chincoteague and used em every day! Does Johnny like the skim boards? thats fun, for kids any way, adults usually break something doing that!!!
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    OMG Boogie boarding!! I remember those days!! I really like that last pic the best...just wish his face wasnt in so much shadow....

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    Great shots, Trish. I think I like #2 the best. On a side note: Doesn't it worry you to bring your camera to the beach? Ya know, sand and all.
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