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Thread: cog railroad mt washington

  1. cog railroad mt washington

    it was nice kinda bumpy the cog drive in the rail makes it bumpy but a cool ride try to ride as early as possible the crowds seemed to get bigger as the day went on an inside the car is kinda tight you can get up an move around for taking pictures its alittle tricky at a 25 30 degree incline an the coal ash does come in the windows (its hot too) the 20 mins at the top is enough time the only thing that you really miss is another train coming up you can stay an ride a different train down but they only guarantee a seat on the one you went up on it was easy enough to find lots of signs a little expensive though but they do burn a ton of coal each trip the gift shop was ok an there was food www.thecog.com all an all i probily wouldnt do it again once was enough but i am glad i did it once

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    Quote Originally Posted by trnbaron
    but they do burn a ton of coal each trip
    but it sounds fun!
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    dont get me wrong it was fun an iam glad we went it just seemed like one of those things you really only need to do once

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    I went to the Cog Rail this year to take pictures of those little trains with all their smokestacks blazing. No way! They've converted to bio-fuel. No chug chug, no more smoke! Smells like french fries - just kidding about the french fries.

    If you do want pictures of the old fashioned cog trains, you have to get up early as the first train in the morning is the only one that still uses coal. I believe it runs up about 7:30am.

  5. bio fuel well that certianly bites a big green blank(family friendly word) talk about kicking an age old tradition in the teeth least they could do is burn something to fake smoke i will never forget seeing the train climb from 10 miles away following the smoke up the mountain good thing i took pictures

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