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Thread: More nails in the coffin for film (long term)

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    More nails in the coffin for film (long term)

    Nikon announced a few months back that they were dropping most of their film SLRs. Canon has followed suit, in a slightly different approach. They are going to stop further development of any film SLRs and only continue producing what is currently on the market as long as the market demand is there.


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    just a matter of time before they become obsolete all together
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    Wow thats sad... although in respect to the current line up... I would give my right teste to get a 1VHS... so maybe that will drive the prices down a little... and then I can consider selling my 1NRS in lieu of that... I had decided a while ago that I would not let myself get out of film... so I kept the Canon 1N and my Mamiya MF cameras... but really it is hard to justify using them....
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    .. I would give my right teste to get a 1VHS... so maybe that will drive the prices down a little... [/QUOTE]

    hmmm, can't see the relationship...
    ...but except for the nature of the sacrifice, I agree. I too refuse to let film just slip away...I'll be out shooting with my EOS650 today, maybe out in the Plymouth area...Fuji Superia 100 loaded up, with prob'ly Tri-X on deck. I'd love to be able to justify plunking down the dough for a brand new 1VHS or even an EOS3, but they would literally be toys and expensive ones at that. ...but I'd be set for 35mm bodies just about forever. I suppose I'm not the only one that has thought "hmm, maybe if we all just agree to shoot (6?) rolls of film a week, they'll have to keep producing it." then I buy another memory card. ...d-oh!

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