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Thread: Sony 12-24mm lens? Any first hand experience?

  1. Sony 12-24mm lens? Any first hand experience?


    I am wondering whether anybody has first hand experience with the Sony 12-24mm lens? Anybody who owned Nikon 12-24mm or used Canon's 11-22mm wide angle lenses and can compare them to Sony's 12-24mm wide angle lens?


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    Sorry, I do have a Sigma 10-24 which is a great lens... especially for the price. I use it on a Canon 30D it works great! If Sigma makes one for the Sony, Id say try that one...

    **** Had to edit because I put down that I used the Sigma 10-24 on a Canon 7D... It was / is still a 30D!!

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    I also have Sigma 18-200 on Canon 30D it's my main go to lens is always mounter on the camera and works great. Like Zacker says give it a try just go for it.
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