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Thread: Hot Air Ballooning!!

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    Hot Air Ballooning!!

    Went to The Finger Lakes Region of NY this summer for a long weekend in the town of Hammondsport. It was great. While there, we took a trip in a Hot air Balloon with Liberty Balloon company, great bunch of guys. We had a blast, the weather was great and we got to see what its like to really fly at the mercy of the wind. Its so quiet up there two and its amazing how you can hear stuff on the ground so clear, like every single dog barking at us as we flew over them...lol

    Filler up!

    Mark, the guy who's B&B we stayed at, Helping Lee, our Balloon Pilot , flit the balloon with hot air from a 20 Million BTU propane torch!

    Shes almost standing!

    And we're off! Me, My wife Christine and Lee, our Pilot!

    The Best way to get high!

    An abandoned Motocross track on someone's farm... wish I lived out here, id use it... lol!

    the view below!

    We skimmed the surface of that lake, scared the c**p out of a couple guys in a Canoe. lol

    The Flat field way up on top of a mountain over looking the valley below is actually a launching site for Hang Gliders... It would have been cool if they were using it that day!

    Crazy Cows... they saw us coming, they all ran out to the middle of the field and watched us fly over then as we passed, they turned and walked back to the barn where they were hanging out before... lol

    all in all it was a great trip. We ended up finally landing in a field behind a church in a tiny little town called Risingville. All the neighbors came out to greet us and they were all excited because at first, they thought we were crash landing...lol (I think they may have been cannibals or something) lol anyways, if you ever get the chance to go up in a Balloon, do it, it is amazing and it is so much fun!
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    Great shots Craig, Looks like it was a lot of fun
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  3. Hi Zacker!! you have shared a lovely experience of riding on hot air balloon in a mountainous area. All images are really awesome. It seems you have enjoyed a lot. Having a rid on hot air balloon is such a cool adventure and so much fun. It is a good way to get high and to achieve success on the sky. It carries the passengers to enjoy the stunning views of mountains, valleys and fields. Things become smaller when the balloon goes up. We can experience of it how the things look like from the height. You asked to have a ride. Yes, i'll. Whenever I get a chance to have ride on hot air balloon.

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