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Thread: Lime Rock Ferrari race

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    Lime Rock Ferrari race

    Was looking for something different when shooting the start of the Ferrari Challenge series race at Lime Rock a few weeks back. I decided to shoot the start of the race from behind, rather than the usual coming at you shot. These cars were a ways down the track from where I shot this (with the Sigma 50-500) probably a good 200 yards from the last car. One thing I did not take into account when I got in position was the heat waves comming off the track at that distance. Once I got in the spot, I was stuck there until the race was over, as I could not cross back over a hot track. Not the shot I was really looking to get exactly , but I think the heat waves off the 130 degree track surface sort of adds a unique look to what is hopefully an interesting angle of the start of the race. Anyone think this works? This was published in a local newspaper, so at least my editor liked it

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    Nice! I definitely like it.

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    I like it, it says a lot to me about that race. high end Ferrari's, easy to tell from the rear, and a hot sunny day from all the heat. I think its a keeper!

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    Great job, I really like the shot from this perspective, not something you often see. Yes a real keeper.
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