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Thread: Lens pouch on belt? Which one is the best?

  1. Lens pouch on belt? Which one is the best?

    I am looking into buying lens pouches I can attach to my belt. I would like to use them to store my wide zoom and 24-70mm lens in them while shooting weddings.

    I would like to have the ones which are easy to access and open to change lens during wedding ceremonies, etc. when time is short.

    I know think tank sells some of them but I am wondering whether there are any under $20... I don't need fancy pouches.

    Can you recommend any?

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    I can't but I can't wait to see some of the suggestions from others. Been think of one myself.
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    I'd look on ebay and see if anyone is selling the pouches that come with Sigma lenses. Should be pretty cheap and they are easy to get into.


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    I would think that one could actually make a lens pouch fairly inexpensively. find a round, cardboard tube or something similar, wrap it in whatever materiel you like, put some foam padding inside and make a cap for it. you can attach a belt loop to it fairly easily with a little glue but id make a belt loop with a wide base that went almost all the way around the tube just to make sure it stays put. glue it on and then wrap it with the materiel. or use something square or any other shape you want. the best part of DIY is you can make it to what ever spec you'd like, any size, shape, anything. And they don't have to look home made! You can go as fancy as you want to or as down and dirty as you choose.
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