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Thread: My favorite wedding photo today

  1. My favorite wedding photo today

    What do you think? To tilt, not to tilt?

  2. for some reason the website can't show the photo and it shows a link to my blog instead...anybody knows why?

  3. Let me put up more wedding photos!

  4. Love the shot, but I don't think the tilt adds anything. I feel like it actually takes the focus away from the great color, mood and expressions you captured in this shot.

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    I would say not to tilt, I agree the colors are beautiful and really make the photo, great shot
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    I wouldnt tilt it either, it sorta looks like the wedding was during an earthquake....lol great shot though. it pops, the exposure is right on and everythig is sharp as a razor... amazing. what equipment are you useing?
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