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Thread: The story of Bob and Evelyn

  1. The story of Bob and Evelyn

    Bob was an S.O.B.

    Everyone in town knew Bob was an S.O.B.. Bob took great pride in ruling the Lilli pads as an S.O.B. Bob didn't sit in a boat, playing a banjo and singing songs about rainbows because.... Bob was an S,O,B, Even his wife Evelyn knew he was an S.O.B. She stayed with him because though he was mean, he also possessed a hidden talent. You see, Bob was an S.O.B. with a magic tongue. He could catch two flies at a time with that thing and for all his other faults, he never forgot to share his flies with Evelyn. The moral of the story is there is someone for everyone and sometimes you just need to look past the tough exterior to see the big heart inside.

    Evelyn felt unappreciated

    Evelyn was tired. Knitting mittens for 7,000 tadpoles took a lot out of her this Spring but she knew they would soon grow up or be eaten by predators and she would finally have time to herself. She was a good housewife to Bob and she always kept a clean lilly pad or at least she tried. See, Bob was kind and generous when sharing his flies but he didn't like eating the fly eyes himself. So, as a result, the lilly pad was always covered with Bob's piles of discarded fly eyes. When the neighbors would drop in, they would always announce their presence with the same tiresome joke "Hi Bob and Evelyn. Eye see you've been snacking".

    It was all beginning to wear on her. She wanted more. She wanted independence. She wanted time to her self. She always meant to go back and finish that Grisham novel and when she left William and Marry she was just four credits away from completing her bachelor's degree. But keeping up with Bob was a full time job and she knew better than to dream such selfish dreams. A marriage is a partnership and she would see this one through to the end. Fly eyes and all.

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    lol! the reflection in the second shot is pretty cool, great colors.

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