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Thread: Oh, I wish I were...

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    Oh, I wish I were...

    ...an Oscar-Meyer wiener. Yep, the Wienermobile was in Norwich last week, and of course I had to get a few shots of it...

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    What kind of license do you need to drive that thing! LOL

    Cool shots Tom... awesome angle on that first one.

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    Sweet! I'd love to see the inside of that thing someday.
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    Imagine driving/parking that beast?!

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    Hey, nice license plates, sounds like a great state!

    I think they typically just hire college-aged kids to drive it around for the summer and do the promo events. I remember reading once about someone crashing it, though.

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    nice... id be so embarrased to drive it...lol

    Trish, Youd need a "Lisence to sell hotdogs"
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