I am starting to shoot a bit more RAW and found that my 1GB cards are inadequate for 12MB RAW files. So I hit pricewatch and wandered around to a few sites. I was going to get some 4GB cards, but stumbled upon this big Sandisk Rebate good for the month. BuyDig.com has Sandisk Extreme III 8GB cards for $85, but Sandisk has a rebate where you get back $40 for 1 card, $80 for 2 cards, or $160 for 3 cards. It is "almost" buy 1, get 2 free at that price. I have been scammed so many times with rebates, but this seems legit.

There are rebates on other size cards, and they are also good at other vendors, so I will nose around and see if I find a better deal.