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Thread: Wedding/Engagement Bands

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    Wedding/Engagement Bands

    These are my wife's... I thought I'd get some practice in before the wedding season kicks back in.

    Here's the 1st try, notice the reflections (very distracting)

    To get rid of the reflections, I thought it'd be a good idea to make a light "box"...so I taped 5 sheets of paper together like this:

    And I got the following result:

    If you look really close to the near side of the wedding band, you'll see me where I stuck the camera/lens in to take the shot. I'm sure I could clone it out with more time. The whole set up/shoot/processing took no more than 20 min.

    Hope this is helpful, at least you can see what a few pieces of paper can do for shooting shiny objects with some tape and 5 sheets of paper

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    nice... printer paper... its not just for printing anymore! lol
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    wow that made a big difference in a pinch!
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    nicely done!

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    Nice job and thanks for sharing the tip!
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