View Full Version : help find a p&s

11-06-2007, 09:54 AM
a co-worker is looking for a good quality inexpensive p&s. something he can take to indoor and out door car shows and get a good shot. im thinking about something around 6mp, cannon or nikon. any ideas of what i should have him look at? i see deals on line but there are so many models of cannon and nikon p&s's i dont know what ones are the better deal. he proably wants to spend around $150.

11-06-2007, 12:39 PM
dunno but if he wants good shots, he should get something with anti shake... esp for indoor shows, they dont have the best lighting... He might have to go up to 300 or so though...

11-06-2007, 01:09 PM
I know Trishs SD800IS was under $300 and it works really well... has a decent zoom... and has a lot of nice options... of course everyone will say what they have used... but I know that most of anything from Canon, Nikon, and Kodak will do him/her fine....

11-06-2007, 02:22 PM
just need ideas for now, he may be willing to spend more if its worth while, basically he just wants to keep photo records of what he saw. he builds hot rods, that and maybe a new wallpaper for his desk top from time to time. hes not trying to make wall art or anything, if he wants posters i get to do it, hahaha.

11-06-2007, 04:20 PM
In the world of Point & Shoots, I've been using Kodak for a while. I had a DX6490 for a while that I love. It's a good camera that gives lots of modes but it's FAR from pocketable. It's shaped like a dSLR but of course alot smaller, just picture that shape.

When that got stolen, I picked up a Kodak V570 that's great. Dual lenses - 1 zoom and 1 ultra wide angle. Again, LOTS of modes from outdoor, indoor, flowers, landscape, night, fireworks, sunny, and the list goes on. Automatic pano stitching up to 3 shots with a very intuitive way of lining things up. This thing is smaller than a pack of smokes I'd bet. SD card, good size LCD and a removable Li-Ion battery. Downside - video... shoots quicktime which is nearly uneditable and huge, but it does have sound.

Batteries are key. Many lower end cameras still run on AAs or rechargeable Ni-Cads which are awful.

I've heard great things about the Nikon Coolpix series and I can get model numbers on the ones I've seen/held/played with if you want. They have lots of cool features like wi-fi file transfer and printing, auto slideshows, animations, built in music - all ON-camera.

As you get more info and a more exact price range, I'll see what else I think of.