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09-09-2007, 01:20 AM
Does anyone know specifically how much a film stock degrades after the passing of the "develop by" date. How much time has to pass before the film is completely un-useable. I understand there is some degradation in contrast levels and color reproduction, etc. What I'm trying to find out is the difference between the expiration date on the box, and the expiration date in reality. Any input on this would be great.

09-09-2007, 07:56 AM
There are a lot of involving factors in this... it would depend on the film itself, its make and model, and its storage. Generally you have two kinds of films, one that is a "pro" type of film and one that is "consumer grade". Consumer grade films are much more sturdy and can last without refrigeration or freezing longer even maybe past the day that they state on them but are definately NOT going to be a choice if you are using them for a client, colors and contrasts wont be as good as a pro-film even when new. Pro film on the other hand does not do well when not cold stored past its "shelf life". The emusion will have funny changes to it including colors and contrasts and it sometimes can be fairly severe. With any film that would be considered a pro-film you will want to keep it cool (fridge or freezer) up till when you plan on using it... it will slow down the processing and allow the film to hopefully reach its potential much further past the date.... in fact you hear of some times people pulling film out years and years past the date and it being fine...