View Full Version : The Pennsylvania Railroad Night Photo Session - Nov 4, 2007

06-13-2007, 08:16 AM
The Pennsylvania Railroad Night Photo Session
November 4th 2007

Session Details:

The purpose of this night session is make all of the equipment appear
operational and we will of course try our best to create that effect.

I have attached three photos of what we are going for with the PRR equipment.

Locomotives planned for photography:
G5, E6, E44, GG1, H6, H10, K4, L1, M1

- Fog, mist and smoke machines will be on hand -
- All headlights will be operational -
- All lights inside the museum will be turned off leaving only our halogen flood lights for photography -
- Plenty of props and actors

To see more details, please visit:
www.LerroProductions.com/photocharters.html (http://www.lerroproductions.com/photocharters.html)