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02-16-2007, 04:00 PM
I just found this on craigslist

Photography and photoshop workshops

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Date: 2007-02-16, 2:46PM EST

Northern Exposure Gallery is offering a complete schedule of workshops for all levels. http://northernexposureworkshops.blogspot.com/ (http://northernexposureworkshops.blogspot.com/)

Northern Exposure Studio and Gallery is proud to introduce a series of mini workshops to offer to the public. These workshops will be held at the gallery starting mid February and pre registration is suggested as space will be limited.

Feel free to give us a call to check availability. 860-927-3319

Slide Show Soufflé
February 18th 3:00 PM
Fee: $25 per person
Anyone can scramble eggs, but combining photos and music so they rise into an aesthetically satisfying slide show takes a bit of finesse. Computer technologies are now very flexible in their ability to precisely sync photos to music and offer many options for adding motion, text, and transitions. Drawing on examples that range from slide shows designed to share family events to slide shows that exhibit art photography, Emery Roth will explain the strategies that have worked for him. He will also demonstrate key software packages he uses to edit musical examples, link music to images, and turn out finished CDs and DVDs. Although most of the software he will demonstrate is Macintosh-specific, there should be much in this presentation that is of value for Windows users. Bring your questions. If you’re interested in having someone make a slideshow for you with your materials please inquire.

Basic Photoshop Techniques to Improve Your Digital Images.
February 25th 10:00 AM
PRESENTER Lazlo Gyorsok
Fee: $25 per person
This workshop will touch on the basics of Photoshop techniques and understanding what the various toolbars and pallets can do for you. This workshop will give you a basic understanding of Photoshop and how you can improve your photographs and get them ready for printing. This workshop will be given from the PC point of view but much of the techniques and tools are similar on a Mac computer. This is a very basic class but you should be familiar with a computer and have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Private workshops at the gallery or in your home can be arranged with various instructors for a fee, please inquire about the specifics.

Greeting Card and Blank card making
March 4th 1:30 PM
Fee: $15 per person
Using Photoshop to create blank cards, greeting cards, or even thank you notes can be a snap. Learn how you can make your own Holiday Cards for next year or create invitation to that party you want to have. We will share with you some of the tricks we’ve picked up and the tools you will need to make it look perfect. The same skills taught in this workshop can be used to create unique business cards, letterhead, stationary, gift tags, or just about anything creative you always wanted to do.

The Art of Seeing
March 11th 3:00 PM
PRESENTER Jennifer Miller
Fee: $25 per person
Are your photographs often disappointing? Not exactly what you were hoping for? Advertising and the emphasis on technology have lulled us into thinking the camera does everything and underplayed the role of the human behind the viewfinder. Technically perfect pictures can still be boring! In this talk we focus on improving your “eye”. We will discuss what makes an interesting image, how to improve composition, and how to use all that technology as a support to your personal vision. Emphasis will be placed on decluttering the image and on developing a personal style. Appropriate for all skill levels. Please bring photos; both those you love and those that just didn’t work!

Make your photos look their best.
April 1st 1:30 PM
PRESENTER Brad and Karin Smith
This mini workshop will touch on the basics of making your artwork look it’s best. We will show many examples of how to frame and mat your photography, artwork, and collectibles. We will show you how to choose the right mat and frame for your beautiful print, how to hang your finished product on the wall safely and will share with you many web resources that we use here in the gallery. We will also be available, after the workshop or by appointment, to help you pick out the right materials from our own inventory and custom frame your works.

****Extended workshops, and field classes will be offered in the late spring and summer.

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Jan 23, 2007

Photographic field trips

Join one of our instructors for 4 hours of Photography in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York State. Our photographic field trips offer one on one instruction and critique that can benefit any level photographer.

We will teach you how to photograph what we are seeing while in the field.

Workshops are in session NOW, call the gallery to join one today!

Each workshop is limited to three students for maximum personal attention.
We encourage all levels of photographers.

Workshops are $200 per student (860) 927-3319

Location: Kent, CT
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

02-16-2007, 08:41 PM
looks kinda cool.... i wish i was from Kent.. it would be nice to be listed on their site!