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10-09-2006, 11:21 PM
Can anyone guess how I got this shot??:D


10-09-2006, 11:26 PM
Long exposure twirling a light stick maybe. Whatever it's a wonderful shot. Nice job.

10-09-2006, 11:29 PM
LOL Nope...any other takers?? I will let you all know pretty soon!

10-10-2006, 08:30 AM
I do them by going 70mph on the highway while shooting a moderetly slow shutter at dawn!
(i do, see?) lol


10-10-2006, 08:44 AM
Definitely a car but the camera movement was pretty dramatic. Very vivid color and smooth movement.

10-10-2006, 09:16 AM
I don't know what it is, but I like it. The movement is very fluid and looks great.

10-10-2006, 09:23 AM
I do them by going 70mph on the highway while shooting a moderetly slow shutter at dawn!
(i do, see?) lol

Ya! but than again not everyone needs help like you! geeeeeeez and I thought I was bad doing it at 40 on a lonely road. :Hammer :Hammer :Hammer

10-10-2006, 10:07 PM
LOL! Yepooo...I did it on I90 coming home form Erie Pa one night I think it was like a 3.2 shutter with my 70-200mm L I actually move the lens as well for a more smooth effect..then I crop the part of te photo that I like best! I have another one that looks like a bass clef!!

10-10-2006, 10:31 PM
lol @ shelly.... imagine what we look like? lol

Sandy, not only at 70MPH but on I95 at 6:30am!! Yikes

Gotta be carefull though, its hard to hold, shoot steer and all that while driving.

Shelly, got any day time shots from a moving car?

10-10-2006, 10:34 PM
You know..Ive tried the daytime shots....I cant do them for diddly! I can barely PAN let alone get a good abstract day shot :(
Oh I also wanted to mention, I really like that sunrise one!! I like the colors! next time Im out traveling as a passenger at daybreak Im gonna try that!!

10-10-2006, 10:52 PM
cool, thanks!
Daytime shots are harder because you get more blurred images, unless you have lots of different colors playing off eachother.

Heres one from that same day.

10-10-2006, 10:55 PM
Ohhhhhhh I likey!!! See Im a fan of Monet...and this reminds me of Monet!!!!