View Full Version : Upgrading to XP Professional

10-03-2006, 08:24 AM
I finally got around to upgrading to XP Professional last night. I have had some issues with networking when going between Pro and Home, and all my laptops have Pro on it. It ended up taking me about 8 hours to do it, because it kept getting hung installing the network. The bizaar thing is that what I did to fix it was pull two cards out of the computer... a generic USB card and a Turtle Beach Video Capture card. These obviously have nothing to do with networking, but must have caused some conflict somewhere. I'm just thankful that it finally installed, as I was starting to panic. My drives are already NTFS, so I didn't need to mess with that, and all my data is on network drives.

The one biggest thing I was unable to do, to keep this on a photographic discussion thread, was run a networked version of Express Digital's Digital Darkroom. I always had to do all my darkroom work from a laptop, which was a bit of a pain when I have my desktop machine setting here. Now I can plug my laptop into the network and crank up Darkroom Pro, then run Darkroom Core on my desktop to access the images from a shoot. Darkroom only supports XP Professional for networking, and will not work with XP Home.