View Full Version : A spring afternoon around East Deerfield

08-21-2006, 06:29 PM
This afternoon I was going through some of my photos and came across some I took in May of Guilford...errr Pan Am Railways....err whatever around East Deerfield, MA. That day a GP9 for Maine Eastern was in East Deerfield Yard.

This first photo was taken at CPF-385 in Greenfield. This is connectiion with the Conn River Line. Here I caught westbound train EDRJ(East Deerfield, MA-CSX Rotterdam Jct., NY) with a rare SD26 in the lead.



I chased the train to the Wisdom Way Bridge in Greenfield. EDRJ arrived a few minutes after I parked the truck.


I decided to return to East Deerfield Yard in hopes of catching the Maine Eastern GP9. However before that happened, power for that days EDMO (East Deerfield, MA - Mohawk Yard, NY) came out of the pit. Today powered by a CP SD40-2 and a pair of CP "Red Barn" SD40-2F's.


After throwing the switch, the conductor checks the points before instructing the engineer to backup.


EDMO's power heads to the yard.

Finally, after EDMO tied onto its first cut of cars, power for EDPO (East Deerfield-Portland, ME), including the Maine Eastern GP9 backs out of the pit.

After EDPO's power headed to its train, I decided to drive over to the east end of the yard. Just east of there is the Connecticut River. Finally after an hour of me standing and the weeds along the river, EDPO crawls across the bridge.


Thats all for now.