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07-19-2006, 03:08 AM
When my kids get tired of being test dummies for my photog ventures, I resort to the next best thing... our dogs! This is Bandit and Buddy. Bandit is a rescue from Puerto Rico, so she started life as a street dog. A group in the US rescues them and finds them homes in the US. She is a mix of Whippet and something... probably Chihuahua. She was doing a great job posing for me and then Buddy (the big brother) came in. He's a mix of Greyhound and Lab and he was a rescue from a local shelter. He was one and a half when we got him and had been through 3 homes in his short life. He was terrified of men, having been abused. They are two of the best dogs on the planet and really are brother/sister now... they stay together all the time. We also have a Pomeranian, but he didn't make it into the studio the day I took these.

OK, the classic portrait... but no smile from her.

Working the camera...

What's this... a distraction?

Hey, why wasn't I invited to the shoot?

07-19-2006, 08:12 AM
cute dogs! i love the smile in the second one! Ive had 3 dogs, Im down to one now and two cats, all rescues and all the greatest pets! i will never go "buy" a dog from a breeder or store, its just wrong! With all the great pets waiting to be adopted, why bother? Spare an unfortunate animal from being destroyed... Adopt a buddy!


07-19-2006, 09:26 AM
Great shots Mike... the second is a classic... =)

07-19-2006, 09:49 AM
is that second one a smile!? Mike, that's an awesome capture (and a great model!)

Well done here. I wish my dogs would sit still more than 1 second.

07-19-2006, 12:04 PM
Well, Bandit was sitting on a posting stool if I remember correctly, and whenever she sits, its like she is ready to burst... so much energy. Though she was sitting, her tail was going 90 mph. If you notice, there is a little motion blur in some of the images, because she was wiggling around a bit because her tail was wagging so much. Then when Buddy showed up, she took off. I was just fooling around with the strobes in the studio that night and needed a model, and she was in the room, so I put her to work.

07-19-2006, 02:36 PM
Great pics....That second one looks like she decided "If I just cooperate maybe he'll leave me alone" :lmao Great catch

I couldn't agree any more with you Zacker....both of our Dogs(pure breed CockerSpaniels) came from the pound, but have since passed after great long lives. We now still have two cats that are rescues and they are awesome :cheers

07-19-2006, 02:37 PM
Great shots, that second one is a real hoot, what an expression, looks almost like Wiley E Coyote. :)

07-19-2006, 02:41 PM
Yes, I guess you are right that it is a funny expression... I'm just so used to seeing it as she does it quite a bit.

07-19-2006, 03:19 PM
Mike the second one would make an awesome greeting card.... really.