View Full Version : D2H - Stroboframe Hack Job

07-19-2006, 01:48 AM
This is from a series of posts I did a while back while learning the D2H... I'm reposting here as it might help someone.

I bought a Stroboframe Camera Flip and SC-29 remote cable to use with my D2H, only to find that the bracket doesn't work with the D2H at all. When you try to rotate it into the vertical position, it barely clears the camera, and leaves no room for the SC-29. Besides that, the handle is on the left side, which would mean you'd have no hand under the camera.

After scouring the forum for ideas on other brackets and deciding that most of them are way to big (and too expensive) for my experiment, I set to modifying the Stroboframe to work for the time being. It no longer flips, but that's fine since I only do vertical for basketball, and that's what I wanted it for. I took the arm off, moved it to the other side of the camera and angled it in so I could still get to the bottom of the camera and unscrew the mounting screw. This puts the bracket's grip right in the spot it needs to be so that I can hold the grip and have my thumb on the AF-ON button on one side of the bracket, and my finger on the shutter release on the other side of the grip. This leaves the left side completely clear so that the SC-29 is not a problem. All it took was too holes drilled in the bottom plate, and I can easily reverse the process if I want to put it back for use with my D70 as a real flip bracket.


If anyone cares for more details, let me know and I'll give you some more pictures of this. I really am not crazy about this bracket because it has so many squared off edges that don't make it fun to hold. Now that I have the bracket in the right place, I can probably modify the other holding spots with some foam and such to make it more comfortable. I'm going to try this some before the game this evening to see if I can get a decent flash shot in the gym.