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07-05-2006, 02:26 AM
Went up to Yaddo today just to get this shot. I must have hit my head getting out of the car because I took it at 1600 ISO.


Of course it started to rain which made my smaller model turn evil and all photography ended. It is very beautiful up there though and if we ever get a day without rain I will head back up. It looks like a Maco paradise. I will post better pictures from my next trip. There are lots of fountains, iron gates, flowers, and statues.

07-05-2006, 08:34 AM
Hey, My XT never looked that good at anything over 400ISO!
Great shot!

07-05-2006, 08:54 AM
That shot (in my opinion) would look great really grainy...so at ISO1600 it should be fine... and of course the picture looks really good...I drove through Yaddo a little ways back but didnt stop to shoot.. how is it there shooting wise?

07-05-2006, 09:17 AM
Thanks for the compliments, I am still beating myself up over such a stupid mistake, but I doubt I will ever do it again and Yaddo is pretty close so I will enjoy another trip up for sure. I have lots more ideas for good shots after seeing the place. I would have expected to see tons of photographers but maybe they knew enough to stay out of the rain! I would definitely take a trip up there it is open every day from 8am to dusk and admission is free. I would try to avoid track season, it might be hard to get some shots if it was crowded. I saw a lot of macro, and portrait possibilities as well as statues and fountains (big ugly fish included). Nice stone paths and lots of roses. There are two beautiful iron gates I want to shoot too. Also a mansion on the grounds but you are not allowed to go very close to it. Congress park is also a good stop if you go to Saratoga. There is even a carousel.

07-05-2006, 01:26 PM
great shot. ill have to check that place out some time

07-05-2006, 08:41 PM
Great shot.....have to check it out sometime :cheers

07-10-2006, 11:39 PM
I stopped back in Yaddo today and I am posting some pictures of the grounds so anyone who is interested can get an idea of what is up there. There is a lot to photograph even though it isn't really all that big of a public area, here are a few interesting shots.

The Mansion on the grounds is private and they don't want you too close.

Gate at the entrance to the garden.

One of the statues

Standing near the pergola, looking down the smaller fountain


The large fountain

One of the wooded areas

The story of Yaddo

07-11-2006, 12:55 AM
Looks good... if you get a chance, please post up some info on how to get to this spot on the Hot Spots forum so that other folks can find it. Looks like a great location for on location portraits.