View Full Version : Which flash is better?

06-25-2006, 09:42 PM
the 550 ex or the 500 super Sigma?I know the sigma is cheaper but what do you think?Anyone with experiences with both?

Thanks for your time

06-25-2006, 09:59 PM
I dont have either... but what I have been told... is that the canon flashes handle the ETTL better then off brands... just something to keep tucked away...

06-26-2006, 09:58 AM
the 550 ex or the 500 super Sigma?I know the sigma is cheaper but what do you think?Anyone with experiences with both?

Thanks for your time

I don't have either, but here is a list of difference that I've summarized from a post at PhotoNotes http://photonotes.org/reviews/sigma-ef-500-super/ .

The 550EX has custom functions and the EF-500 DG Super doesn't. These relate to flash exposure bracketing auto cancellation and order, reverting from E-TTL to TTL, and controling the power save timeout.
The 550EX AF assist light covers all 45 focus points on most newer EOS cameras, while the EF-500 Super AF assist light works only with the central focus point on cameras with multiple points. This causes a problem because the camera AF assist light kicks in if another focus point is selected, resulting in problems with some body/lens/hood combinations.
The EF-500 Super automatically cancels high speed sync (FP) mode if the shutter speed drops below the cameras max sync speed, and doesn't re-enable itself. The 550-EX does not automatically cancel high speed sync.
The 550EX is approximately 1/4 stop more powerful than the EF-500 Super.
The 550EX zooms out to cover a 24mm lens, while the EF-500 Super only covers a 28mm lens. Both have a wide angle diffuser to cover out to 17mm and both zoom to 105mm lens.
The 550EX has an extra position on the power switch to disable power save mode, while the EF-500 Super is automatically in power save mode (if a slave mode, it disables power save).
The EF-500 Super can operate as an optical slave unit and the 550EX cannot. This is pretty nice and saves you from buying a peanut slave if you want to use the flash with your studio strobes.
The 550EX has a high voltage socket and the the EF-500 Super doesn't have one... so no external power source.

Without external power, the EF-500 Super recycles 25-30% faster than the 550EX while using AA batteries.
The 550EX works with all Canon digital cameras which support EX series flash units including point and shoots. The EF-500 Super doesn't, and it is also a reverse engineered flash that may have compatibility problems with future cameras.
The 550EX cost roughly twice as much.
The EF-500 Super isn't as solidly built, has reported compatiblity problems with wireless mode and other functions, and also has reported reliablity problems.Bottom line... if money isn't an issue then get the Canon flash. If you can't swing the money and know that the EF-500 Super works with the camera you have today, then it is a lower cost alternative.