View Full Version : Spyder 3 Pro or Spyder pro Elite??? Which one?

01-14-2011, 06:58 PM
Is there anybody who upgraded from the monitor calibrator - Spyder 3 Pro to Spyder pro Elite??? Did you notice any difference? Is it worth upgrading?

01-17-2011, 08:50 AM
I have never calibrated any of my monitors..i know i should but I'm too lazy to..lol i use two different set up for my pics, my PC at home and the one here at work (which is much much faster than my ancient Dell at home..lol) and both do colors and lighting really different than each other.. so if some of my pics are off in color or in contrast, I apologize...lol

01-17-2011, 03:11 PM
Hello Haring,

I use Spyder elite 3 but I don't think the issue you have is due to the calibration system. I saw that you mentioned you have several monitors and computers. If you are trying to match different monitors attached to different computers they will never match perfectly. I have talked to others as I had the same issue and basically the solution is to have one setup that matches your output closely (prints, albums - color profiles) and use this for all your critical editing.

Someone used this analogy when describing the issue. If you bought two Mercedes same model with identical options and raced them would they finish the race with the same exact time....NO...there are small differences/variables in manufacturing and other conditions that would not allow them to be exact. This is speaking of two of the same model never mind different models......

Color calibration is just one of the most imperfect sciences that you'll encounter doing photography.....it drives most out of their minds.....best of luck