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08-21-2009, 08:46 AM
So the Shelters website is old and pretty out dated, its run by someone in Ma. and quite frankly, is a big old PITA because if you need something, you have to email her and she hardly ever gets back to you.. I have emailed her twice now with a couple questions and have not got a reply back.. really unprofessional if ya ask me.

Anyhow.. we are looking into making our own website.. there are a few things id like to do with it also.. including:
slide show,
seperate pages for "Adoptees" and "Adopted's" (cats and dogs both)..

id also like to either have some sort of questions area or maybe a link a forum to it somehow..
an RSS feed.

the biggest thing i want is a calendar.. a page with all the days (like looking at a real calandar) and the events written on the day its schedualed for.. if your interested in that event and want more info, youll click on the day and be taken to that events page. Is this reasonable or pie in the sky?

So... Im thinking a flash site would look really nice..
are they hard to make?
are they expensive to make?
are they easilly updated? We'll need to constantly be adding pics, moving pics, adding text (announcements and such) and doing all types of stuff.
What software do you use?
are there any pre made (Smugmug) type sites where we can customize and add pages and stuff?


09-05-2009, 09:42 PM
In my humble little opinion, you need a basic CMS (Content Management System)

Depending on how web savy you are, you can have a website up in a matter of about 2 hours.

You will need webspace with a SQL server, and a basic FTP program, Note pad, or a real text editor to make your changes.

all the features and add ons are free, the code that is.

With the basics to what you want, most of these features that your asking for can be found in "Joomla" Joomla is a .PHP based script that has an open architecture.

If you want to code Flash, you can, I really cant help you there, but you would clearly need flash to start with.

If you have already found an answer, I see this message is kinda old.



Joomla is one of the best documented CMS systems, and it will help you get things setup very quickly, from there you can either buy, or make your own custom "skins" for your graphics look, you can create pages that allow you to have say a Flash Gallery, as well you can get Gallery 2, to be incorporated into your CMS system.

I have this for 2 websites, and I am about to get this up and running for my main website. Since I have zero time to Learn Site Grinder 2. LOL

Here is the best place to start, once you have decided to use Joomla and you want to try it out.


Hope that helps!


09-05-2009, 10:31 PM
Hey Chris Long time no see!! Thanks for the info... I am going to actually forward these links to one of our volunteers who is in college and taking graphics design.. see if she knows about these things.. THanks again for the info!