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06-24-2009, 07:59 PM
So I have been thinking about getting into some studio lighting and portable lighting setups and was wondering what suggestions might be out there for quality lighting.

I found this and thought it looked like a pretty complete package... all I would have to add would be the portable battery.

Any suggestions would help! Thanks!

06-24-2009, 10:14 PM
alienbees are pretty popular, cant go wrong with them. I need to work on a portable lighting setup. too many toys, not enough cash!

06-24-2009, 10:16 PM
Do you think 4 strobes is too many? I have been looking through quite a few pictures of lighting setups and think 2 might be just about perfect.... in many of the examples I have seen, their aren't many that use more than 2... just wondering if their are some that might require more than 2?

06-24-2009, 10:19 PM
what are your plans, studio or outdoor automotive type stuff? i would say you cant go wrong with 4 but if i read that description right they are wired, not wireless? if thats the case i would go to 2 and get the wireless setup, but thats just me.

06-25-2009, 12:55 AM
Mostly studio stuff I want to get into. I have a lot of people now, after the wedding I shot, asking me to do family portraits.

The reason I want them portable is because, yes, I would like to shoot cars, but also, outdoor portraits as well.

07-26-2009, 01:53 AM
I work exclusively with Alien Bees & Whitelighting (Same company) for all of my studio strobes. Because I shoot mainly lots of nudes, I cant really show you any of my work here at NEF, however if you wish to see my work, click on my signature link.

If you need help in choosing what sort of lights your after, then send me a message. I will be more than happy to discuss the sort of lighting you need to get in order to setup a small home studio. As well of the many other costly things you would do well to get for you home studio.