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  1. the Digital SLR group here is growing =)
  2. paging Ray and who ever else would like to answer some questions
  3. Poll: Help!!! Moral Dilemma Here....LOL
  4. Early Anniversary Gift
  5. Photography Book Help
  6. Nice camera spot - Buttermilk Falls Road
  7. Check out my pics in the gallery
  8. how do i insert a copyright in my picture???
  9. Anyone need camera pricing?
  10. 5 november 2005
  11. Somthing old, somthing new....
  12. Anyone Interested in Picture Taking on Friday?
  13. Camera Security: How Many People Take the Time?
  14. I must be dirty
  15. Looking back...
  16. Is This Picture Digital or Film??
  17. An old friend...
  18. Poll on which photo you like best.....
  19. The War Game
  20. My First Digital photos.
  21. Worlds fastest image processor
  22. Can you submit images to a news paper?
  23. Picture Shooting Weekend
  24. Please don't do this...
  25. Seasonal Goals
  26. Photo Archiving
  27. General Camera Question
  28. Just Out Shootin....
  29. ATTENTION: Editing of other photographers images..
  30. "In Training"
  31. I need help please <sigh>
  32. Fever!!!
  33. This one's for you Barb =)
  34. Panning?
  35. check yourself
  36. Kewl Birthday Gift!!!!
  37. Added another Link
  38. Something I was just thinking about...
  39. Photo Section Ideas... what do you think?
  40. 50 Free 4x6" Prints + $1 shipping at WinkFlash.com
  41. whats wrong
  42. A photographers dilemma....
  43. new purchase
  44. What do you bring for vaction photos?
  45. Tss
  46. great movie, go rent.....
  47. Scam Alert...Warning All!
  48. War Photography - Book about Harold Evans
  49. Switching Systems - Why would someone switch from Nikon to Canon?
  50. Please Update Your Profiles =)
  51. Something to remember in the summer months....
  52. POTD at Digital Image Cafe
  53. New technology may alter the future of photography - or lack there of....
  54. Lets see your websites!!
  55. 4/3 systems?
  56. Fireworks time... some tips on shooting them.
  57. Today
  58. Crazy questions you've been asked while taking pictures?
  59. Whats in your.....main gear bag?
  60. A great day out
  61. Awesome day from the mailman..........
  62. Always happens to me ..................
  63. What's the shadiest place you've shot??
  64. In case you are interested. LI NY Seminar.
  65. What magazines do you read/subscribe to0?
  66. Back from Vacation
  67. Ok most every place says that you should...
  68. Nikon sponsor The Open Golf Championship 2006
  69. Hello, all
  70. Need Suggestions on Digital Photography Books...
  71. Going to be very hot this week..........
  72. Creating a portfolio/Body of work...
  73. Why I shoot RAW
  74. Can't figure it out
  75. Poor Mans Method
  76. Anyone here gone through NYIP (or doing now)?
  77. Ron Reznick's new DVD Series - SureShot Digital Photography
  78. Aircraft Photography Tips
  79. What do you use to clean your DSLR sensor?
  80. Website updated, take a look.
  81. The "Geeks Prayer"
  82. If you're in Coventry, CT this summer...
  83. Trip to Shenandoah possibly coming up, need help!
  84. Beach shooting tips
  85. Outdoor portraits
  86. Largest amount of photos in one day?
  87. im famous now
  88. Who needs a $10K Camera? - Cellphone Photo Gallery
  89. Traditional wet darkroom printing/expirence
  90. Wow... what are the odds???
  91. Battling Red Channel Blow-Out
  92. Light meters
  93. Got a paying job? what to charge?
  94. Art on the Green - The Report
  95. Anyone get the fireworks at The Crossings in Colonie?
  96. Canon 20D AF settings
  97. F2.8 or lower and focal distance..
  98. Help Torn between Canon 30D and Nikon D200
  99. Webster, MA on Sunday 9/24
  100. November 2006 Railfan & Railroad
  101. Lets talk noise now... too much noise and why..
  102. Picking up my newest addition to my collection....
  103. Canon S3 IS....got one last night
  104. Kodak's hopes to gain global brand name again
  105. What to charge for photos on web?
  106. Sigma Lens info or experience needed
  107. Trackside with the FBI
  108. Canon Rebates - 10/15/06
  109. How do I post (embed) a pic?
  110. Just an interesting website to discuss...
  111. Random observation
  112. I was floored!
  113. Leave it to Canon to start a rebate on a Sunday!
  114. Camera Purchase Question
  115. How to recommend a camera, lens, etc.
  116. The deed is done... the rebate purchase!
  117. New 16 Megapixel KAI-16000 Interline CCD Sensor Offers Unsurpassed Image Quality and High Speed
  118. Lensbaby
  119. How the histogram can cause you some trouble
  120. Great comparison of RAW Converters
  121. Exposure stacking
  122. Lens rentals?
  123. Lens borrow??
  124. Anyone done claymation videos?
  125. Hubble's top 100 images
  126. Quick question
  127. What the Duck.... this one is too funny
  128. Spend My Money...
  129. Time for my Stupid questions to roll!!!!!!
  130. I'd like some feed back on my creation
  131. Picture Processing Lag Time....
  132. cornicks dumb question corner
  133. Here we go again! Website built!!
  134. Do you have the camera shakes? Read this article...
  135. And so another photographer is born... my mother... =)
  136. Any good resources for learning to use my 580EX?
  137. Focus to Infinity?? Huh?
  138. hello, guys
  139. digital cameras in cold temps???
  140. Busting the Megapixel Myth!
  141. Barber motorsports park/museum
  142. Is this the beginning of the end of action photography? - Sony high speed sensor
  143. Total Lunar Eclipse tonight
  144. Anyone else's stuff affected?
  145. Need a little help with my first job
  146. Tax Refund / Tax Bill Thread
  147. check out this PDF
  148. New lens blues
  149. ND filter
  150. Is your camera/lens focusing correctly?
  151. help
  152. Pentax ?'s
  153. Any NAPP members on here?
  154. You Make The Call
  155. My gallery
  156. one of those days?
  157. Take a look please
  158. Photography Show Tonight on Discover HD
  159. Tip for the Day - Don't Overdo It!
  160. pretty neat, will ferrel photoshoot!
  161. Hosting sites
  162. US Copyright registration changes
  163. My Photos
  164. More about photos!
  165. any one hear of this?
  166. So I did something I said I was never going to do...
  167. portable media storage device HELP & Advise
  168. Probably some stupid Nikon ?'s
  169. Group shot question?
  170. HEY! Maine people!!!
  171. One thing that kinda bugs me...
  172. Indy Opportunity!
  173. Product Bikini Calendar 2008 Shoot
  174. Ireland Photo Tour!
  175. Someone I know whats to buy a Nikon...
  176. Shooting at the Zoo... Opinion Question...
  177. Looking for authorized repair shop for Canon
  178. Got these in an email today and thought they were cool
  179. Flash Brackets???
  180. Moving up in the world
  181. iStockphotography
  182. An honor and a story...
  183. Your Photography Goals for 2007
  184. Some Exciting News to Share!!
  185. This looks interesting-low light filter
  186. Autofocus
  187. Time for an Open Door question from the New Guy
  188. By request, a few photos from Albany's tulipfest!!
  189. Pricing Question
  190. Camera Maintenance
  191. Who entered the Sigma photo contest?
  192. Suggestions for new zoom lens
  193. Is YOUR gear insured?
  194. Okay going shopping need some advice
  195. My first waterfall shoot
  196. Suggestion for stalking a woodpecker
  197. To sell or not to sell...
  198. How Far Will YOU Material Edit an Image?
  199. In honor of nvr2low's announcement!
  200. Trouble with a Shot
  201. Hypothetical situation/question
  202. Business Cards
  203. Your Camera History
  204. I need your help!
  205. I've been banned!!!!!
  206. boken?
  207. Need an opinion please!
  208. it's like Christmas!!!
  209. Roomful of Blues at ISO 3200
  210. Question to Canon 5D Owners
  211. Help with a bag...
  212. How can this be?
  213. Kodak Z712?
  214. Big upgrade!
  215. Anyone heard of butterflyphoto.com for gear????
  216. One more down...
  217. Extension Tubes???
  218. I'm Back!!! :)
  219. Help with my math
  220. ANYTHING for the perfect shot!
  221. So if you could start over knowing what you know now?
  222. This drives me CRAZY!!!!!
  223. The Photo Business
  224. Exposed School of Photography - Delmar, NY... anyone heard of it?
  225. Framing/matting
  226. Advice for a Canon Digital Rebel XT
  227. Advice for local Photo Contest
  228. Hiking/Backpacking for photography purposes (landscape photography questions too)
  229. Did a photography presentation today...
  230. Natural Light/Night Shots...
  231. Observation on Lens research
  232. Kodak Z612, Kodak Z712, or Canon S3?
  233. calendars?
  234. Concert
  235. Shooting at Madison Square Garden? (Moved)
  236. New D300, no shots yet.
  237. Shooting Christmas trees
  238. Copyright infringment?
  239. Any tips for Alaska???
  240. ? re photo sites....
  241. First Published Shot
  242. Telephoto Lenses
  243. Need ur VOTES real bad (with a WARNING)
  244. Random Photoshop Editing Question
  245. The Art of Photography!!!! Questions???
  246. Awesome Tilt Shift
  247. So you think sports shooters take a lot of shots...LOL
  248. Traveling with photo equiptment
  249. My Wish List =O!
  250. Where to buy (new guy)